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ORGANIC OPP: Only those with a three-year business plan need apply.

Wanted: Enterprising next-gen farmer for Pennsylvania organic farm

Pennsylvania Farm Link posted a farm lease opportunity for an enterprising entry farmer in a prime suburban county.

Pennsylvania Farm Link has a new organic farm landowner listing in its database that matches landowners with prospective entering farmers. It’s in a prime location — Bucks County in Southeast Pennsylvania.

Entering farmers are defined as those looking for land to establish their businesses. Landowners are seeking candidates to lease or purchase their farm and desire the land to remain in farming.

And the 30080 details are …
This farm is a sustainable, all-organic 40-acre property. To support the next generation of farm entrepreneurs, the owner is making the farm available for a variety of uses. Historically, it has been used for vegetable production.

The property includes 8 fenced and irrigated acres, two high tunnels, one heated greenhouse, a 40-hp tractor, pack house; barn and walk-in cooler. Lease options are flexible, including internal support if the grower would want to operate under the current farm banner.

This farm is currently marketing as a Community Supported Ag enterprise, plus sales to a cooperative and other direct-marketing outlets. It has no conservation or nutrient management plan. No house is available on the property. There are no deed restrictions.

To apply, submit a statement of interest and resume. After that, you’ll need to provide a three-year business plan, including details of how the operation will be funded.

Send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]. Your information will be forwarded to the landowner. If interested, the landowner will contact you directly.

Check out Farm Link’s database at the same website.

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