Close up of a pair of bald eagles from a camera perched above their nest Pa. Game Commission
BIRD’S EYE VIEW: The bald eagles are back and accustomed to cameras perched even higher above their nest.

Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Eagle Cam soars back for 2018

Perched high in a Lake Marburg tree, the Eagle Cam is keeping watch of a bald eagle nest.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission’s Eagle Cam is up and flying again online, with 24-7 close-up live video and audio from a bald-eagle treetop nest near Hanover, Pa. Two cameras, each equipped with a microphone, are strapped 75-feet up a tree adjacent to Codorus State Park.

Eagles have nested at the tree for more than a decade, and have successfully fledged young there many times despite several partial collapses of the nest. Two eaglets hatched in March 2017 and took their first flights in June. Up to 1.5 million viewers have watched this Eagle Cam during nesting season, according to Bryan Burhans, game commission executive director. Teachers from across the country use the livestream in their classrooms as a teaching tool.

Adult eagles have rebuilt the nest, and appear to have it ready for another go in coming months. “While it’s always a thrill to see a bald eagle in the wild, the Eagle Cam allows viewers to see bald eagles in ways they never could through binoculars or a spotting scope,” Burhans says. “As we’ve seen in recent years, there’s no predicting what’ll happen next. But while those eagles are in and around the nest, you can pretty much guarantee you’ll see something fascinating.”

Even though there’s weeks to go before any egg-laying or incubating, Burhans says the Eagle Cam is always worth checking periodically. “There’s no better way to observe eagle behavior and nature as it really is,” he says.

Eagle Cam is provided through a partnership between the game commission, HDOnTap, Comcast Business and Codorus State Park.

Comcast Business and its technicians worked with the game commission and partner HDOnTap to provide a static IP address and provide 100 Mbps broadband service near the nesting site. HDOnTap provides the livestreaming services that make round-the-clock viewing of the Eagle Cam possible.

“This is our most popular nest cam,” says HDOnTap marketing director Tassia Bezdeka. “Last year, viewers enjoyed over 6.8 million hours of 24-7, live HD video and audio from the nest, as well as daily time-lapse clips on screens worldwide.”

View the Hanover Bald Eagle Live Stream here. Social media users can also include #PGCEagleCam in their Facebook and Twitter posts to connect with other Eagle Cam fans.

Source: Pennsylvania Game Commission

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