Rhino flex-wing mower
BIG FEATURES: You can find much bigger flex-wing mowers, but this new model from Rhino Ag has all the features you need for many mowing jobs.

Flex-wing mower designed with utility tractor in mind

Editors’ Choice: Rhino Ag proves bigger isn’t always better when it comes to mowers.

Who said you need a large tractor and lots of acres to justify a flex-wing mower? Engineers at Rhino Ag have other ideas. The company introduces the TS10 flex-wing mower with a cutting width of 10 feet and a transport width of 93 inches.

You read right — 93 inches. The machine fits through an 8-foot gate in transport position. It’s one of the features that makes this new flex-wing mower ideal for smaller operations that have more mowing to do than they can handle with a fixed-deck cutter of a smaller width.

Spokespeople say a 40-hp tractor pulls the TS10 flex-wing mower easily and smoothly. You can operate it with as small as a 25-hp tractor, but that may be light on horsepower in heavy cutting situations. The mower is designed to cover up to 4 acres per hour.

What’s not light is the construction packed into this nimble, flex-wing mower. It features three blades that are a half inch thick and 3 inches wide, and can handle brush 2 inches in diameter. Depending on tire size, you can adjust cutting height easily through use of a hydraulic cylinder from as low as 1 inch to as high as 15 inches.

Expect smooth, quiet operation, spokespeople say. An EZ-LOK collar on the PTO shaft ensures easy hookup. The mower features replaceable skid shoes that run underneath. Since they’re one of the most frequent wear points, being replaceable simplifies maintenance of the machine.

Total weight is about 2,190 pounds. To ensure safety during operation, you can get this model with deflectors or chains. Learn more at rhinoag.com.

Editors weigh in
Three Farm Progress editors took a closer look at this new mower and offer their thoughts. They are: Tom J. Bechman, Indiana Prairie Farmer; Lon Tonneson, Dakota Farmer; and Mindy Ward, Missouri Ruralist.

• Tom’s takes. For someone like me who mows pasture and put in 12-foot gates when he should have gone with 16-foot gates, you will appreciate this flex-wing mower. A brochure for the TS10 says: “Turns out bigger isn’t always better,” and that may be true for this mower. There is a need for a flex-wing mower that is nimble enough and small enough to go places where you might not be able to go with a bigger machine.

• Lon’s observations. I’ve got a 7-foot rotary brush mower that I run with a John Deere 1710 tractor. If I wanted a wider mower, I’d look at Rhino’s new TS10 flex-wing mower. Too many utility tractor mowers don’t look like they were built to stand up to heavy use. The TS10 has components from the company’s bigger mowers. Its narrow transport width is a plus. It will fit in the back of a pickup!

Mindy’s views. There is something to like about a small but fast machine. With speeds of 4 miles per hour, it can make quick work of cutting pastures. I particularly like the fact that this machine can flex to cut smoothly on hillsides and uneven terrain. It would come in handy in my own paddocks.    

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