Conservation Call-In Day Organized

To convince the Senate more funding is needed for conservation, groups are asking people to call their Senators on Oct. 17.

More than 30 conservation, wildlife and environmental organizations are asking their members to call their Senators on Oct. 17 as part of the "Commit to Conservation" call-in.

"When the Senate Finance Committee provided $3 billion in outlays from conservation tax credits for the Conservation Reserve Program and the Grasslands Reserve Program it fell far short of the minimum amount of money needed to adequately fund our nation's conservation needs," says Ralph Grossi, President of the American Farmland Trust.
There is a growing backlog of farmers who have applied to participate in conservation programs to protect water quality, air quality and wildlife habitat. According to Grossi, the Senate needs to come up with an additional $5 billion dollars for conservation.

To find out more about the "Commit to Conservation" call-in, click HERE.

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