EU Court Rules in Favor of GMOs

The court dismissed Austria's appeal of a ruling that their ban of biotech crops was illegal.

Last week the European Court of Justice dismissed an Austrian appeal ruling that "GMO-free regions" were illegal and stated that governments have no right to impose bans and deprive individual farmers of the choice to grow biotech crops which have been approved for commercial cultivation in the EU.

"This is great news for farmers, for the scientific based risk assessment of the EFSA and for the EU biotech regulatory framework which the Member States put in place. Industry now calls on the region of Upper Austria to drop its illegal and unscientific opposition to approved biotech crops and allow Austrian farmers the choice to grow GMOs if they so wish," said Johan Vanhemelrijck, Secretary General EuropaBio - the EU association for bioindustries.

The Commission and Mariann Fischer Boel, the Commissioner of Agriculture, have made it clear in the past that farmers have the choice to produce GM-crops, if they see advantages in doing so and find a market for them.

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