House Passes 25x'25 Energy Goal

A resolution calling for 25 percent of the nation's energy come from renewable sources by 2025 was adopted by the House.

The House of Representatives on Monday pledged to support an energy policy that calls for renewable resources to provide 25 percent of the U.S.'s energy by 2025. The Senate unanimously passed the concurrent resolution in June.

"This resolution has enjoyed bipartisan Congressional support representing rural and urban constituencies," said 25x'25 Steering Committee Co-Chair Bill Richards. "It's a firm goal on the way to a secure energy future."

The 25x'25 Coalition is a group of more than 600 organizations ranging from agricultural and environmental to auto manufacturers and civic groups.

"We look forward to working with Congress to advance the enabling policies that will bring the 25x'25 vision to life," 25x'25 Steering Committee Co-Chair Reed Smith says.

To find out more about the 25x'25 Coalition, click HERE.

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