New York Apple Growers Going 'QR'

New York Apple Growers Going 'QR'

New York Apple Association leaps past bar codes to give smart phone users instant access to varietal information.

Don't know what QR codes are? Meet the future, or rather today's hottest marketing edge to connect with the smart phone crowd. And now, the New York Apple Association is chomping into the technology.

This year, the association is promoting a new retail program that allows consumers using smart phones to scan QR codes on point-of-sale cards. With a click of the phone they access instant information about New York apple varieties right in the produce aisle.

BEATS THE BAR CODE: This QR code at retail point-of-sales allow consumers to tap into New York Apple info.

"We're trying to delight that sophisticated shopper not only with our fruit, but also with up-to-the-minute information technology," says Jim Allen, president of the New York Apple Association. "Smart consumers make smart choices when they have the right information. And, these same consumers want information quickly."

All of the associations new POS materials contain prominent QR codes, linking to online videos that show how New York apples are grown, packaged and delivered. The video series consists of six different segments showcasing how the apple goes from the tree to the table.

The videos take the viewer from seeing the blossom pollinated and follows it all the way to the produce shelves. "Foodies and localvores want to put a face to the farmer," adds Allen. "We accomplish that with this video series."

The videos were shot in New York orchards and packinghouses last spring and summer. Retailers across the nation are already starting to use the new POS cards. And when consumers scan the QR codes, shopping data goes back to the association.

Retailers are responding very positively, he says. "For those who want to reach out to their customers, we give them cutting edge materials that we hope will lead to the sale of more New York apples."

To watch the videos, click on: .
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