Nursery Growers: Sign Up for Crop Insurance Before May 1

Nursery Growers: Sign Up for Crop Insurance Before May 1

The sooner you sign up, the better. Coverage begins 30 days after sign-up.

Nursery growers who want to protect their crop investments from adverse weather conditions, wildlife damage and unstable markets for a full year can sign up for crop insurance coverage by May 1. Multiple peril crop insurance provides protection for nurseries that earn at least 50% of gross income from wholesale marketing of nursery plants grown in standard nursery containers or in the field.

Keep in mind that coverage protection doesn't begin until 30 days after you sign up, reminds Gene Gantz, Pennsylvania-based coordinator for USDA's Risk Management Agency. May 1 is also the deadline for making coverage changes for the following crop year.

POSEY PROTECTION: Nursery crops vulnerable to high-value losses need to be insured by May 1 sign-up deadline.

MPCI enrollments can be made on a continuous basis throughout the year. But protection still doesn't begin until after a 30-day waiting period. The deadline to cancel an existing policy for the following year is May 31. Protection for the following crop year begins June 1.

Remember 2011 losses

"Crop insurance is an essential part of doing business," notes Pennsylvania Ag Secretary George Greig. "With the help of crop insurance, many farmers who suffered severe crop damage during last year's flooding are back on their feet and making plans for this growing season. Crop insurance keeps farmers farming."

As of April 15, more than $169.6 million in indemnities were paid to all insured Northeast policy holders affected by the September 2011 flooding. Total indemnities (rounded numbers) paid in each state and the producer benefit-to-cost ratios were:

  • Connecticut: $6.6 million – 3.71
  • Delaware: $9.0 million – 1.32
  • Maine: $7.2 million – 3.15
  • Maryland: $29.9 million – 1.79
  • Massachusetts: $2.3 million – 2.26
  • New Hampshire: $200,000 – 1.31
  • New Jersey: $3.1 million – 1.44
  • New York: $43.4 million – 4.06
  • Pennsylvania: $60.0 million – 2.88
  • Rhode Island: $163,000 – 6.37
  • Vermont: $6.1 million – 7.90
  • West Virginia: $1.7 million – 1.87

Recent MPCI changes provide growers greater flexibility to take out policies that align with their business plans, adds Greig. Growers may choose to insure field or container grown crops, or both. Also available are basic units and three endorsements: peak inventory, plant rehabilitation and higher price.

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