Reinke Offers Design Pro, Version II Software Installation Planning

Irrigation equipment maker offers proposal software to allow producers to plan their sprinkler locations.

Reinke Manufacturing is offering a new version of proposal software it developed with Ag Connections, Inc., to help irrigators better plan the location of their new center pivot sprinkler machines.

Reinke Design Pro II allows growers to actually visualized their field and see how the company's products work in that location. The program's mathematical algorithms work in conjunction with USDA's high-resolution, geo-referenced aerial images to place pivots and accessories on top of the exact piece of land a grower is considering for an irrigation system.

The program has a one-inch precision. Reinke the tool will allow a dealer to go to a customer's field with a handheld GPS system and turn the detailed report into a survey-ready project.

Reinke says those interested in the system should contact a Reinke dealer.

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